Nokia Music For Windows 8 1.0

Use the desktop version of the streaming radio service to download, categorize and listen to music

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Nokia Music For Windows 8 1.0
Nokia Music For Windows 8 2014

Designed for the Windows 8, Nokia Music on the desktop lets you stream the radio service from Nokia, and you will also find it available on the Windows iPhone 7.5. If we had to compare it to one of the products, we might look at it as similar to Spotify or Pandora. Nokia Music has an unlimited audio streaming system, and it has also been categorized based on the genres and artists.

Download Mixes for Offline Use

You will find that you can download the mixes for offline use, and you can also use Nokia Music to hear some of the local music from your computer. Nokia Music for Windows 8 offers a plan for around $3.99 on a monthly subscription, but you can also take advantage of the seven-day trial where you have access to all the features for free.

How Does Nokia Music Work?

Nokia Music makes use out of streaming mixes, and they have a lot of similarities to Pandora. For example, you can't choose a specific track for the on-demand listener, but you will have a mix with a radio station, and it will mostly focus on either a genre or an artist. You might also browse through the pre-made mixes and create your own music. People have also chosen some of the default mixes, and they include the top charting music and the various genres. You can also check out the recommendations for sponsored music and popular musicians.

Access to a Large Music Library

One of the coolest things about Nokia Music is how you will have access to a vast music library, and you can check out a variety of music genres. You might also look at songs from TV ads and stand up comedy shows. For those who aren't subscribers, you will be limited to 30 seconds to preview the track. Unfortunately, that's far too short to get an accurate estimate of the music. As a subscriber, you will have to listen to the track at full length to understand it.

More Limited to Create Your Own Mix

You will find how your own mix feels limited, and you can only seek out artists. Unfortunately, you have no way of finding other categories. This results in a somewhat limited choice of music, but on the positive side of things, you can download any mix or pre-made for your own listening to it offline. For non-subscribers, unfortunately, you will have this function disabled. For those who aren't satisfied with the selection of music for Nokia, you might also download the app to listen to some of the local files. Another great thing about this software is how the layout feels intuitive and easy to understand.


  • You can listen to music offline later on.
  • You will have access to a huge music selection.
  • Take advantage of the seven-day trial to decide if this is the product for you.


  • Without a subscription, you have limited features.

Nokia Windows phone users can access their personal Nokia Music radio streams on their Windows 8 machines with this title.

Music enlivens people's lives. Nokia Music's diverse library can provide a rich soundtrack for all of life's events. It "plays well" at work or at a party.

While using the service on your Nokia Windows phone is the right choice for pacing a run, your data plan may prohibit you from playing your favorite tunes as much as you would like at other times. Nokia Music for Windows 8 is a freeware app built to provide a workaround for your data bottleneck.

Fans of Windows phones by Nokia who also love the radio streams they receive over their devices do not have to "go without" to minimize data usage. If you run Windows 8 on your computer, you can access your Nokia Music account using this app.

People who love music, Windows and their Windows phone also love this app. It enables you full access to your Nokia Music without "burning through" your monthly data allotment. Anything you can do with Nokia Music via your Windows phone you can do with this piece of freeware.

If Nokia Music on your Windows phone is your jam, you will enjoy Nokia Music for Windows 8.


  • You can access your Nokia Music account via your Windows PC or laptop with this application.
  • For dedicated fans, Nokia Music's written content includes song lyrics.
  • You can use this tool to download mixes, which you can play offline.
  • Nokia's service offers access to artists across a wide range of musical genres.


  • Like all streamed-radio services, Nokia Music does not allow users on-demand song selection.
  • Basic-account users cannot download mixes.
  • To access the service's full features, users must choose a paid subscription.

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